Humor Me

The other day, one of my (now former) Facebook friends posted a picture of a woman wearing something that exposed much of her body, squatting on the sidewalk, with the tagline, “Kicking a bitch is sometimes necessary for social order.”

At first, I tried to check if this person, being a guy for one reason, and being a dimwit for another, posted this picture and made this comment as a lameass joke. So I came across the comments, which were even more offensive, some of them reading “with her tits hanging out, that bitch had it coming.”

This isn’t the first time my newsfeed was contaminated by this guy’s sexist posts, so I finally defriended him.

I don’t exactly go around looking for public nudity, but being a sexually liberated feminist, I sure don’t have anything against it. But that’s besides the point. Even if the picture wasn’t there, I would still find this post utterly offensive. A woman wearing something provocative is a good enough reason for kicking her? Violence against women is necessary for society’s welfare? Are you serious or are you simply so intimidated by women’s sexuality that you need to wave your dick around and make such offensive statements to demean us? And if you are serious (then you must be more stupid than I thought) please explain how violence against women can benefit society?

This guy uses the word bitch as a synonym for woman on all his posts, so in this case, all women are bitches and all women deserve to be kicked. That includes me, all my girlfriends, all my female family members, 52% of the world’s population, and this guy’s mother.


And despite all the violence, abuse and humiliation that women suffer on a regular basis, and all the men who deliver these blows, women are still the ones who deserve to be kicked.

Even if it was this guy’s idea of a joke, it’s gotta be the worst joke on the planet. You do not joke about rape, you do not joke about abuse, and you do not joke about violence against women.

So forewarning to all my current Facebook friends, if you’re gonna post anything that condones and encourages violence against women, especially while using women’s choice of clothing as a reasonable excuse for this violence, kindly fuck off from my list of friends. You are stupid and pathetic and in desperate need of feminism in your life. You say a feminist has no sense of humor? Is it any wonder that when sexist jokes are all I have to laugh at, I kind of lose faith in your so-called sense of humor?

Fuck you. I’ll be at Slutwalk if you need me.

Peace, love and kicking sexist assholes is always necessary for social order.


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