Doctor’s Orders: Drugs

I’m stoned. Fucking blasted. And it’s not entirely my fault. I was duped by the physical therapists who told me that this is what I should do.

I went to a session last Wednesday and took Optalgin right before. A rather soft-core painkiller, OTC, similar to something you would take for a mild headache. The physical therapist tore me to shreds. Optalgin had no effect whatsoever, not before, certainly not during and not even after. The pain lasted for a few days.

Today, I decided to not squirm with excruciating pain on the Phys.T’s table, and took the painkiller they gave me at the hospital following my surgery – Percocet. Seeing as I had stopped taking it over a month ago, and even while I was still taking it, it was only at night before going to sleep, I wasn’t entirely ready for the actual effect it has on me.

It hit me on the bus on the way to the clinic. I got drowsy, then dizzy, then nauseous and sick.

I got to the clinic stumbling and falling over myself, feeling completely wasted. When I was called in, the therapist asked me why I was limping.

“I’m tripping balls,” I told her.

“Painkillers?” She asked and I confirmed.

The pain was just as bad as I remembered it. Fucking painkiller was anything but. However, while on Wednesday, the pain lasted pretty much until yesterday, right now, I’m feeling just fine. I felt the pain only during the exercises, but not beyond it.

I’m still considering whether or not I should keep taking Percocet before every session. It’s still a narcotic. I mean, a nasty one with a bad kind of trip, causing nothing but nausea and constipation, but an addicting substance nonetheless. In fact, I just learned that Percocet is a combination of Tylanol and Oxycodone, the latter being one goddamn heavy ass drug. So really, is it actually worth it?

Pharmaceutical suggestions greatly appreciated. I’m looking at you, Shay, if you’re reading this… which you’re probably not. But in case you are…

I just hope I heal fast. I’ve had it with this pain.

Peace, love and flex!


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