I <3 Bloody Fashion

Bust Magazine is amazing. I signed up to their mailing list a few years ago and I am still not tired of it. Every once in a while, they send an email with excerpts from their latest issue, or an ad for another Craftacular art fair to take place in the States. Back when I was writing Fallopian Falafel, they provided me with great story ideas or topics of debate for readers.

Today, I received an email featuring gift ideas for V-Day.

Living in Israel I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day. But V-Day is also the day to end violence against women. So that, I do celebrate. So I checked out the gift ideas, not really expecting to find anything that will tickle my fancy.

But I did!

One of the featured items was period panties from the online shop Broken Cherry. Now, so far, I’ve only been using cloth pads but always wanted to try out period panties. And the panties I found are not only special because they’re made especially for bloody days, but they are designed with cool motifs and lines.

I browsed through them and saw three that I liked and couldn’t decide which one to get, so I bought myself all three! They’re $7 a pop, and shipping to Israel was a fortune, but it’s so worth it!

Here is what ended up in my cart!

Bleeder of the Pack



Dawn of the Red

dawn1 dawn2


Best ever: Cunt Dracula



Peace, love and Red, Blood, Fire, Burn!


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