Hand-Heart Coordination

Last night I went to art night. Yes, art night. With my awkward left hand and my gimpy right one. It was a night that we wanted to have for my friend’s birthday, but following my injury, the theme of this art night was essentially to make art with the non-dominant hand.

I don’t think any of the people who came really kept by this theme. I also used my right hand to make stuff. But my right hand is not as functional as the other people’s dominant hands, so I guess I did keep by the theme in a way…

But the most important point of art night is not to keep by a certain theme or whatever, but rather to create for creation’s sake. It was very important for me especially last night because I’ve been feeling so depressed for the last three weeks. I wasn’t able to do anything aside from watching TV and watching more TV.

So even if I was to make awkward art or gimpy art, that was good enough for me. Surprisingly, the art that I did make was not too gimpy at all. One of my friend’s who came over gave me a belated birthday gift – a pretty notebook with funky colors and designs on the cover. I made a tribal tattoo style design on the first page incorporating my name into it almost like a subliminal message. Here’s what it looks like.

First page

Subliminal name

Aside from that, I also continued working on my friendship bracelet that I started during one of the days of my DIY Month. I completed most of it. I think I’ll finish it and wear it sometime this weekend.

By the end of art night, I felt so accomplished and relaxed. It was like a sedative for my prior boredom-induced frustration and depression brought on by a serious lack of creative projects.

I realized this:

A true artist does not need hands to write, or fingers to play, or arms to create. A true artist creates while sleeping or while awake, while able or while unable. Two gimp hands can’t keep a true artist down.

This is my current mantra.

Peace, love and art is forever


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