DIY Month – Day 25: Photo Book

Since Diamond is the most photogenic living thing in our apartment, the photo book I made last night was about her.

Most of my hand-made publications (i.e. zines) are either completely in black and white, or have only the cover page in full color. So this photo book is the first time I compile a full publication in full color.

It’s 16 pages long including the cover, and it’s not a standard size book. It’s square and is slightly smaller than an A5 but a little bigger than an A6. I made it so that I could fit all pictures, portrait and landscape, straight and leave some space for text.

The photo book introduces Diamond, her hobbies, her habits, and her sleeping positions. Since this is the last production I made this month that I would want to make copies of, I gave it to my boyfriend along with the split zine, the flyer, and the stationary to print (I already printed the quickie zine myself), as he works in a print shop and does the best print work ever. And being his girlfriend, I either get it at a discount or completely free of charge.

If anyone wants to trade or buy some of my printed work, drop me a line.

Photobook cover

Photobook sample page

Peace, love and spoken word is gonna be the death of me (more on that tomorrow)


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