DIY Month – Day 23: Plant Seeds

Around November, when I made the list of DIY things I can do, I thought about making a DIY garden. However, there are some problems with that idea:

– Problem number one is that my backyard is paved, so I can’t plant anything.

– There is a small patch of dirt on the side of the yard, but problem number two is that my dog likes to go number one in that patch of dirt, and any planted plants will die.

– We had some pretty good rain lately and some grass started sprouting on that patch of dirt, but problem number three is that my dog sometimes sees the sheep herded in the nearby Wadi and likes to identify with them by eating said grass.

So instead, I decided to plant a mini garden, or rather, just a single plant in a small pot. I bought some medicinal Melissa seeds and planted it yesterday in a pretty flower-pot. I’ll take another picture of it once it grows and then I’ll make tea with the harvest.

Maybe one day, I’ll have a bigger house with a big backyard where I can tend to a more elaborate garden.

PlantPeace, love and Ohhh Melissahhh, you’re in my dreams…



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