DIY Month – Day 22: Friendship Bracelet

Saturday was saved especially for jewelry making. Since I was never a huge fan of bead jewelry, and unless you’re talented like my friend, sticking a string through a bead seems pretty boring, I made a friendship bracelet instead.

I learned how to make them by myself. One day, when I was around 17, I found a half-finished friendship bracelet next to a pay phone. I took it home and I slowly undid it, all the while keeping tabs on the steps to redo it again. This was how I taught myself the skill of making art by making a series of knots in sequence.

Making this kind of bracelet usually takes me longer than a day, so I decided to leave the rest of it for the end of the month.

This is me at my parents’ house with the half-finished bracelet pinned to my knee.

Crafting bracelet

Peace, love and prerequisites for being a hippie: guitar (which I play), pot (this is my 420th post!) and friendship bracelets (see above)


4 thoughts on “DIY Month – Day 22: Friendship Bracelet

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