DIY Month – Day 20: Quickie Zine

I spent this weekend at my parents’ house in Be’er Sheva again so I didn’t get a chance to post about any of the activities I did. So again, I’ll be writing three consecutive posts today.

On Thursday, I was planning on going to a punk show at the Thrash Hole. My boyfriend and I often go to metal shows, so a punk night seemed like a good change of scene. So the quickie zine I made really had to be a quick one. I finally wrote issue 2 of End of Words.

It’s 12 pages filled with complete and absolute nonsense. My boyfriend tried to read it and his brain nearly split into two trying to make sense of it. But that’s the point of the End of Words. The power of nonsense splitting your brain.

Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of it. So that will be all for now. But soon, I’ll post it in the “zines” tab, under the End of Words.

A word about the punk night

There were three bands on the bill. We made it a little late and missed the first one who sounded like a pretty decent girl band, called Marmara Streisand. We got there just as they were playing the last song. They were cool, they had some violin incorporated in their punk tunes, and girl vocals always shred.

Then came a guy punk band and I had to get the fuck out of there because the moshing got really violent. The band is called something along the lines of “The Department of Choking Police Officers.” The music was good, though I had to enjoy it from the outside.

And after that, the night ended with a band that I think has no name. It was made up of girls again, and though I enjoyed the parts where there was some actual music, most of the show consisted of even more nonsense than I had written in my zine earlier that evening. All four girls were pissed drunk, forgot most of the melody and the lyrics to the songs, so  that none of the songs had any clear beginning nor end. And although careless unprofessionalism is what usually characterizes many of the really good punk shows, this was just stupid. At least, if you’re gonna be unprofessional, play some unprofessional music, don’t just stand around bragging about stuff that nobody understands.


Another thing is that many of the punk bands that come to Jerusalem come from Tel Aviv, and as a result, the scene is saturated with way too much extreme leftist propaganda and anti-Zionism than is healthy for me. But I think that being in the punk scene in Jerusalem is good every once in a while. I still enjoy the music to a certain extent.

Peace, love and nonsense.

Update (December 24, 2012)

You can now view the photos of the quickie zine I made. See issue 2 in End of Words.

Cover Page


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