DIY Month – Day 19: Painting

In the spirit of making art in memory of my recently deceased dog, I decided to paint him. I used one of his pictures as a guide. Although he was two-years-old in the picture I used, in the painting, he came out looking like a puppy.

The hardest thing was trying to mix the right colors to match his fur. He was a vibrant shade of blond/white/yellow/gold/beige, and I tried various combinations until I reached something that was remotely close. I started off with a rough yellow outline. It came out so bad that I felt like taking all the paint I mixed and just scribble all over the canvas. But I kept on painting according to the picture in front of me. By the end, the yellow outline was a pretty good idea because it gave Buxy a sort of a golden glow.

I haven’t painted since I was maybe 18, and didn’t think I’d be able to create something as great as I used to in my youth and I was totally dumbstruck that I DID. I still don’t know if this painting fits any classical painting methods, but I am so damn proud of myself. The painting looks even better than the pencil drawing I made earlier this month. I think it’s a really nice way of commemorating my lovely dog.

I put this painting on my night table.

Buxy RIP Buxy closup Peace, love and doggy kisses


4 thoughts on “DIY Month – Day 19: Painting

  1. Oh my… I am so sorry to read that he passed, your art is beautiful. Oh 😦 I am so sad for you! You should buy a new puppy not to forget about the old, but to ease the pain. That is what I did when my dog passed, but I still think of him often.

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