DIY Month – Day 16: HannukArt Night

Yesterday was the last day of Hanukkah. My friend (and former roommate) and I used to have art nights in our old apartment all the time. Now that we live separately, we still try to organize art nights to keep the creativity flowing.

So last night, we invited a few friends and had a night of crafts and chats in my friend’s cozy and cute little studio apartment. Only one person showed up, but that was good enough. Sometimes, when there are less people, it’s more organized. Your mind is not all over the place and you can concentrate on your own project in a more organized way.

Aside from making art, we also talked a lot about different things. It was great to catch up and have meaningful conversations with friends. I don’t get to do that very often because my friends and I have such different schedules. Sometimes, we try to set up a meeting one day and then it doesn’t work out because something comes up or the times don’t match. So art night is a great opportunity for that.

I continued working on the split zine I wrote on the first day of the DIY Month (a split zine with my dog!). I finished doing the layout during art night, so all I need to do now is add the finishing touches and send it to print. I’m pretty happy with the finished project. It’s quite short (only 18 pages, plus the 2 pages of the cover), but the content is not bad. Especially Diamond’s half. That one is rather amusing! A zine written by a dog is something I have never seen before.

My friend made a bead bracelet. She’s very talented at jewelry making. I told her she should try selling it.

The other girl who came to art night was working on a collage. It looked like a Hanukkah greeting card.

I had an awesome time! We will definitely try and have another art night sometime in January. Jerusalemites reading this post are welcome to join us.

Art Night 6 Art Night 1 Art Night 2 Art Night 3 Art Night 4Split Zine


Split Zine - side 2


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