DIY Month – Day 12: Write a Song

I’ve been trying to write a new song for quite some time now but none of the tunes I came up with sounded good enough. So I decided to give it another shot last night as part of my DIY month and I actually managed to write something decent.

I called this song “Kickdrum Heart.” The lyrics are riot grrrl oriented as usual. It has a chant/scream chorus, and although I can sing the verses, I’m still utterly unable to scream. I wish my friend from Sweden was here to do the vocals like she did for our Mistress Distress project. That was so awesome.

Anyway, I might try to record the new song on my boyfriend’s system. Maybe I can enhance my screams by some miracle… we’ll see. If it works out, I’ll post it here along with the lyrics. So right now all I have for you, dear followers, is a photo of me composing my song with my classical beauty.



Peace, love and beat, beat, beat, beat


One thought on “DIY Month – Day 12: Write a Song

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