DIY Month – Day 6: Drawing

This past weekend, I was at my parents’ house so I couldn’t write any updates on my DIY activities. So here is the first of the three blogs I will be writing today.

On Thursday, I made a pencil drawing. Though the subject matter was my usual riot grrrl chick, the drawing was different from my other ones in that I used both shading and color. I’ve never done that before. Usually, my shaded drawings were always in black and white, and the hair stood out more than the rest of the drawing.

This time, I used shading with a stump and color crayons. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, so I tested it out with the grrrl’s lips at first. I drew the lips, shaded them, blended it with the stump and then added the color. It came out so good that I had to try it out with the rest of the face and hair.

By the time I finished the head, I was too tired to try and shade the grrrl’s shirt, which is why it looks more two dimensional than the rest of her. Also, I wasn’t really up to giving her a background, but I was so happy with the end result, and exclaimed out loud: “Yep, still got it!”

Doesn’t sound too modest but who gives a fuck?

And a tribute to riot grrrl doesn’t leave any room for modesty.

A Tribute to RIot

Peace, love and I kick ass


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