DIY Month – Day 4: Snail Mail Art

I love letter writing, not only because it’s more personal, but also because it can be personalized more easily than email correspondence. Designing an email stationary sounds too technical and static, and if you want to add any pictures or graphics, they come as an attachment as opposed to something that is an integral part of the letter itself. Also, emails don’t include envelopes – either pretty ones with butterflies, or badass ones with skulls and crossbones.

Snail mail letters, however, are a different story.

So last night, I designed a stationary and a few envelopes for the letters I’ll send to my penpals.

When I went to bed that night, I told my boyfriend how much I love making art and how it makes me feel accomplished. It’s really a feeling like no other. Instead of vegetating in front of the TV the entire evening, and then going to bed feeling completely useless, I get to be creative, making something of myself, contributing something to the art world and keeping the DIY spirit alive.

I also told my boyfriend that I hope he’s not getting bored while I’m working on my crafts. He said he’s keeping himself busy, practicing guitar, playing basketball, playing his video games…

“Good,” I said, “because you’ll be doing that for the entire month.”

And now, here’s a color-blast of what I made last night.

Snail Mail Art

Peace, love and DIY Month keeps getting better!


4 thoughts on “DIY Month – Day 4: Snail Mail Art

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