My Personal DIY Month

As part of my ongoing efforts to keep myself active with arts and crafts, I’ve decided to give myself an incentive. The idea I came up with stemmed from the Stolen Sharpie Revolution poster for the International Zine Month. This poster lists 31 zine-related activities to be done on every respective day in July. It’s really a feat and I intend to try it out in July 2013. But looking over the activities, I noticed that some require prior planning, or don’t really appeal to me. For example, on the 20th day, I need to “host a zine workshop or zine party at a local library or community center.” If ANYBODY wants to do that, it would require prior planning.

Also, this particular activity doesn’t appeal to me because:

1) I have yet to meet a Jerusalemite who is as enthusiastic about zines as I am, and who would actually attend such an event.
2) I’m no party or event-planner and don’t intend on becoming one.
3) Many of the art nights, dinner parties or home events I ever organized, failed miserably and attendance was mediocre. Not all, but enough to make me give up organizing large group events altogether.

So I decided that for the days in July where the respective activity is irrelevant to me, I’ll replace with something that IS relevant. So for the 20th day, for example, I can save that for the 24-Hour Zine Thing. Many of the other activities seem totally rad and so up my alley, and I’m very excited about it.

And this is how the idea came to me. I ought to make a list of 30 or 31 activities to keep myself crafty. The list should be comprised of more general DIY activities, and not necessarily zine-related. And I should find a month during the year where I can implement these activities and carry them out one by one.

Here is the list I came up with:

1) Photography day: Go out around town and shoot pretty pics
2) Make a large elaborate pencil drawing, and post it online
3) Make a quickie zine, in an hour or two
4) Make a comics page.
5) Write and compose a song
6) Practice on your musical instrument
7) Dye/sew/knit/modify a shirt or a skirt or a pair of pants
8) Make a patch for whatever you like and sew it on your purse or backpack
9) Make a flyer for anything you would like to promote
10) Find a new recipe for a meal or a cake and try it out
11) Make a painting
12) Write a poem
13) Write a fiction story
14) Write a journal entry by hand
15) Write a love letter to your favorite inanimate object (typewriter, bicycle, teddy bear, computer, shampoo, hammer…)
16) Start, continue or finish a novel
17) Write letters to your penpals
18) Design some envelopes and a stationary
19) Have an art night or crafternoon (personal note: I don’t mind having a small one of those with my former roomie)
20) Make a photo book of your pet. You can use new or old pictures and write a story about it.
21) Make a sculpture out of clay, playdough or fimo
22) Buy seeds and plant them in your backyard or in a flower-pot. Please keep it legal!
23) Make some jewelry – friendship bracelet, bead necklace…
24) Record a spoken word piece (personal note: and I ought to listen to it several times until I get used to the sound of my own voice, ugh…)
25) Make an interesting design for a stamp
26) Make an interesting design for a pin
27) Decorate an object in your house – mural on a wall, stickers on the fridge, painting on the dining room or living room table, a new bed cover, decorations on your books/diaries…
28) Design and make your own journal.
29) Make a split zine with your alter-ego! And if you don’t have one, write the other half as if you were your pet, or a cartoon character, or your favorite celebrity.
30) Make a collage
31) Free day! Do any DIY activity that you feel like.

– Keep a daily log of your activities in your diary, or your blog, or for your zine.
– Take a picture of yourself doing the activities every day
– Sign up for the 24-Hour Zine Thing (and actually do it when the time comes)

Now, all I need to do is put these activities in some particular order and find a month to do them in. Preferably some time in summer because some of the activities involve being outside, and I don’t want to be caught there on a rainy day.

This so totally kicks!!! I can’t wait!

Also, if you are also interested in these activities, you may do them too, or make your own list of DIY activities to be done in one month.

Peace, love and crafts ahoy!


3 thoughts on “My Personal DIY Month

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