Unboring Weekend

This weekend I managed to do more than just staring at the TV, hoping that at any moment, I just might catch a glimpse of something interesting.

On Friday afternoon, I took my dog out to the dog park. We usually go there at night, but I wanted to take some pictures of her and figured they would look nicer in daylight. I also shot a short video of her running around like the demon she is (see below).

Deb joined me for a short while and that was pretty cool too.

Shabbat started and the busses stopped running just as I was getting ready to leave the park. So I walked with Diamond for about 40 minutes to Gan Hapaamon, where we watched my boyfriend play basketball. Then, all three of us headed home together – my boyfriend sweaty, me on the verge of an allergy attack, and my dog hungry and homesick. All of us, tired.

Then on Saturday, I wrote some letters to my penpals using the new stationary I designed during the last crafternoon I attended at my friend’s house. My boyfriend was polishing up his guitar skills at the time. We both felt rather accomplished, a feeling that rarely comes up on the weekend, because all we do is eat and sleep and watch obscene amounts of TV shows.

Next weekend, we will be resuming heavy consumption of food and lots of pillow time at my parents’ house. But the weekend after that, I plan on going around town with my film camera and polish up my photography skills. I was also thinking of writing a 24-minute zine in the park. Being creative shreds. I should seriously do that more often.

However, my parents bought me a gift card for Steimatzky and we all know what that means. Soon, I will be drowning in the Dark Tower series, and since Stephen King’s prose is sheer tyranny, I won’t be able to come up for air. So I’ll read a book in the park then. Still beats watching TV.

Peace, love and here’s a video of Diamond and Co. this past Friday!


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