La La Blaaa!

I’ve been trying to write a new song for a couple of days. Now, I noticed I have no problem with the writing process. I’ve been writing songs and poetry since forever, and I banged out some pretty awesome lyrics. So that was ok.

But composing is so goddamn complicated. I tried different riffs, beats, vocal work, and nothing seemed to fit. I wondered how easy it was for me to write the three songs I recorded with Mistress Distress, how the composition and the lyrics came virtually at once, and now, it felt like giving birth and subsequently announcing a stillborn song, because it sucked ass.

I decided that next time, I’m just gonna let it come. I won’t force it because it doesn’t work.

Meanwhile, I’ll write some letters and make another zine. And maybe the Goddess will bless me with another wave of inspiration for a song that doesn’t abuse my guitar, my vocal chords, my inner ear, and the tips of my fingers.

Peace, love and searching for the sound that makes me come


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