Oh No…

Kind of bad event in a kind of bad day.

In the middle of a bunch of clients running around, asking questions all at once and being a pain, the phone rings and an English-speaker with a South African accent inquires about our services.

I was being courteous, as courteous as an Israeli purports to be, but something about that voice stirred my brain the wrong way.

Before the conversation ended, I asked for the guy’s information, but he said he’s inquiring on behalf of someone else. And as I hung up, it hit me. The guy sounded an awful lot like one of my former boss’s employees. High pitched voice, heavy South African accent, and I spoke with him on the phone enough times to know what he sounds like from the other end of the line.

And if I am right, and if he is calling on behalf of my former boss, and if they decide to rent an office here, and if my former boss becomes my client (and will ask me to perform all kinds of secretarial tasks for him, and ultimately reclaim me as his bitch), I am gonna lose it.

My current boss is actually pretty receptive to responses, comments and personal opinions, so if the dude calls back and the name of my former boss comes up as a potential client, I will inform my current boss that:

1) I strongly recommend (borderline demand) that he DOES NOT accept this dude as a client because he is insane, manipulative, and a pathological liar – all that besides the fact that he was recently arrested for embezzlement.

2) In case he does take him as a client, I refuse to have ANY kind of contact with him whatsoever, and he should preferably work during morning hours and not during my afternoon shift.

3) I will also refuse to offer him any kind of secretarial services. I am not his bitch, and he will not make me his bitch no matter how much he plans on paying.

Right now, I am having trouble breathing and am on the verge of a panic attack.

That’s how bad my former boss scrambled my brains.

Peace, love and may the Goddess protect me.


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