Don’t Cry Over Spilled Seed

Last night, I saw an episode of some show I’ve never heard of. It was one of those law drama shows about crimes and trials and stuff that I really like. One of the trials had to do with the absolutely ludicrous law that homosexuals are not allowed to donate blood, because, as we all know very well, they are all infected with HIV, and heterosexuals are totally healthy and pure even if they have unprotected sex with 100 different partners every month.

This somehow led me to think about homosexual sex and the religious opinion of it as being an abomination.

Back in high school, in one of our Torah classes, our teacher said the reason that homosexual sex is prohibited is because of wasted semen. As the male seed is needed for making babies, not a drop of it should go to waste. It’s for that same reason that any form of non-PIV sex, as well as male masturbation, is also strictly prohibited. And although female contraception is allowed, male contraception, such as condoms, is prohibited.

What we didn’t learn about, and what nobody in Torah or sex-ed class bothered to tell us was about all the other things that can cause a man to spill seed which may or may not be considered a sin. Like wet dreams, that are completely beyond the guy’s control. Or what about sex with a barren woman, or a woman who had some form of cancer in her reproductive organs and can no longer have children? Is that also considered wasted seed, and therefore a sin? Or what about a sterile man whose seed is wasted whether he has sex with a woman, a man, or with himself? And if the latter is not a sin, does this mean this sterile guy can have other forms of sex that are otherwise prohibited – anal sex, oral sex? (Note: We also learned that non-PIV sex is considered a sin because it’s “bestial…” Now I don’t know what kind of Discovery Channel shows these people were watching, but I’ve never heard of any beasts having oral or anal sex.)

And what about donated seed? Clearly this seed will be used for creating a life, but the man donating the seed did masturbate, so is it still considered a sin?

This also led me to think about lesbian sex. There is no spilled seed in lesbian sex. Is it still considered a sin? If so, why? What about female masturbation? What about cunnilingus? No spilled seed there! So why is it forbidden?

The more I think about it, the more I see the religious prohibition of homosexual sex as completely stupid and nonsensical. There is nothing in the Ten Commandments that says Thou Shall Not Spill Seed. Come happens whether we like it or not.

Peace, love and “Swallow, come!” – Seaman

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