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Now that I live with my boyfriend, my expenses are reduced to almost none. So while, back then, I was trying to save up as much as possible (see this post), now I am trying to find things to spend money on, because now I can afford to do so.

I am still paying for my monthly bus pass, so that’s one thing.

I also decided to be responsible for the groceries. Last grocery day I went with my boyfriend, we got a huge stack of stuff which included some items for his parents, so I didn’t pay. But I hope the next grocery days to be fully on my account.

I also made a mental list of things to get once my financial situation stabilizes, and now that it has, I can go ahead and look into it. Although I still hate capitalism, and try to avoid fuelling it with outrageous expenses, there are some necessities. And sometimes, using the system for one’s own benefit, can be revolutionary in and of itself.

1) A Dog
I’ve been wanting a dog ever since I left Canada. I left my sweet golden retriever behind because I knew that I would not be able to take care of him in Israel. For the first couple of months in Israel, I lived with my grandmother who would never allow a dog in her house. Then I lived in a matchbox apartment with cockroaches as my only pets. And if I had my dog with me then, he would have been miserable and all alone for close to 13 hours a day as I worked out of town. Then I lived in slightly larger houses but with roommates or landlords who didn’t allow pets. But now that I live with a guy who likes animals, and landlords who already have their own dog, and I work only part time and can attend to a dog for the rest of the day, I can get one. So I’ll go to adoption centers or SPCAs and look for a dog to adopt. All vet expenses, dog food, training, grooming, toys and accessories will be paid for by moi.

How can it be revolutionary: Adopting a dog instead of buying one from a pet store rarely involves money transfer. Plus, it’s a form of animal activism as pet adoption saves the animal’s life.

2) Another Tattoo
I’m planning a chest tattoo, and have wanted another sleeve for some time. The only reason I didn’t get it was because I had already spent over 2000 NIS on the other ones I have and couldn’t afford anymore. But now that I finally broke and decided to remove my left nipple ring which kept getting infected, I deserve a nice, bold cleavage tat to compensate for it. Suck My Left One.

How can it be revolutionary: A tattoo is a fashion statement especially if it’s in a place that people don’t usually ink. The tattoo design itself can also be bold and unique if designed by the customer instead of simply picked out from a tattoo catalog.

3) Wrist Watch
The one I had for almost 15 years finally broke, and I’ve been trying to get used to checking the time on my cellphone for months now and it ain’t working. A wrist watch, preferably something sporty, waterproof, nightglow light, with a velcro strap, should do just fine.

How can it be revolutionary: Hmm, good question. I think in this case, it falls under the category of necessity.

4) Minutes for My Cell
I’ve been putting this off for way too long. I think it’s time.

How can it be revolutionary: A grrrl needs to be in constant contact with her partners in patriarchy-smashing, doesn’t she? 

5) Trips and Outings
I don’t know if a trip to North America would be affordable for me at the moment. But eventually, I would be able to pay at least for some of it. Also, I can finally afford to pay for my drink when my boyfriend and I go to a bar, and for my order when we go to a restaurant. It feels good.

How can it be revolutionary: Meeting feminists, zinesters, punks and metalheads from around the world is best when meeting them face to face instead of only online. And if we happen to catch a punk or a metal show in one of the cities or bars we plan to go to, that only makes the revolutionary aspect of it more extreme.

6) A Normal Pair of Black Jeans
Why is it so goddamn hard for me to find a pair of black jeans that doesn’t suffocate me when I wear it? I need something baggy; that hugs my hips without breaking them; that extends towards the bottom (i.e. not skinny. God, how I HATE skinny!); that lets my vulva breathe even when I sit and cross my legs; and that is as black as night – If I wanted faded black , I’d buy gray jeans.

How can it be revolutionary: I plan to go DIY on my future pair of jeans and sew some grrrlVIRUS patches on it. You are what you wear.

Trying to save up on money is something I would most likely keep doing out of force of habit. But I feel more confident now that I managed to stop the bleeding in my bank account, covered my overdraft and other debts, and am starting to see the numbers rising in my favor.

It’s nothing short of a miracle really. While there are rather quite a lot of people in Israel who are suffering from serious financial problems – so serious that they are setting themselves on fire – I am one of the lucky ones who managed to find a way to support myself. Granted, I don’t have any rent, bills or land taxes to pay, but that’s also a part of the miracle. 

Peace, love and capitalism still sucks


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