Shack it Up!

I’m all snug. Moved in with my boyfriend this past weekend. It’s so much more convenient. All the back and forth between my apartment and his was enough of a drag since February 2011. My former apartment served its purpose for 4.5 years and it was a great ride, until it became horrible due to problematic roommates and increasing rent.

So the Chocolate Residence has disbanded. But me and my chocolate grrrl roommate have moved on to new places to form new memories. She moved to a studio apartment with a huge backyard where she will no doubt organize more art nights. And I moved in with my boyfriend. It was a difficult process because I have a lot of stuff and my boyfriend had to make space. But now, everything fell into place.

The small space we call the dining room got a Technicolor bitchslap when I placed my grrrlVIRUS display library in the corner and replaced the beige tablecloth with a black and purple curtain with a star pattern.

The bedroom got an extra nighttable. With a rainbow bandana, a green teddy dog and a Kurt Cobain statuette, you can clearly tell which side of the bed is mine. We also hung up a few more pictures around the house including the big Dali painting over the bed, and the enormous Kurt Cobain poster in the little storage space next to the bathroom.

His relatively empty kitchen cupboards are now overflowing with dishes, pots, pans, plastic boxes, cutlery, spices, chocolate, canned food… and his bookshelf had to be cleared to accommodate my Stephen King collection, feminist literature, art books, notebooks, diaries and my old school agendas.

The computer corner became a computer/typewriter corner.

The closet in the bedroom had to be reorganized – clothes and sheets had to be refolded neatly to make space for my stuff. My boyfriend had to get rid of much of his hanging clothes and clear two drawers. I got rid of many of the clothes I don’t wear – something I’ve been unable to do with my pajamas.

“I challenge you to find another person in this country who has more pajamas than me,” I told my boyfriend as I stuffed two drawers full of winter and summer PJs.  

As two avid metal fans, our musical instruments and CDs are things that we cannot throw out or put in storage.

As a result, the living room now looks like a mini home recording studio with our combined six guitars (two electric, two bass, one acoustic and one classical) mounted on stands, a couple of amps, a foot switch, an effects board, and a computer recording system. Plus, my boyfriend’s pile of CDs reached monumental proportions after I stacked it up with my own collection of CDs and audio cassettes. My record player and a couple of vinyl records are stacked up there too.

We’re pretty happy so far. I’ve managed to find my way around the neighborhood and the new bus lines I need to get to work.

Also, living with a dude who likes to keep the house neat and tidy is definitely a major plus, and a rare thing to find among the straight male population. 

Not having to haul my ass out of bed and get dressed after a romantic night with my boyfriend, and not having to haul his ass out of bed so he can drive me home, is particularly awesome.

There’s also the little extras that make this place much better: a large backyard, an oven, a (working) washing machine, and having my boyfriend’s parents as neighbors and landlords means having home-cooked meals a few times a week! Plus, much of our monthly expenses (i.e. rent and bills) are already covered.

But besides that, there are things that both my boyfriend and I need to get used to. I need to get used to sharing the bed at night, and getting a double portion while shopping for groceries. My boyfriend needs to get used to a reveille at 6:00 a.m., courtesy of my annoying alarm clock, on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. He got his first taste of it this morning. I doubt he liked it very much. And I need to get used to a reveille on Mondays and Wednesdays, around 7:00 a.m., courtesy of my boyfriend’s annoying cellphone alarm, as I am used to sleeping in on those days until around 11:00. 

Sharing a house and a life together is also a major change for both of us, but I’m quite optimistic about it. We get along really well and I’m very excited about it.

Peace, love and welcome to our Metal Residence.


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