Packing List to Hell

I admit. I’m a little nervous about the trip to France. Our endless rides by plane, train and car in a foreign country are not only expensive, but seem complicated. I hope we don’t get lost on the way to the hole-town known as Clisson. I use the term “known” loosely because any French people I meet here in Israel never even heard of that place.

Anyway, I can’t control these potential mishaps any more than I can control the weather. So I’ll just have to deal with these problems if and when they arise, and take comfort in the things that I can control (unrelated, why does this strangely sounds like the AA mantra?).

Like my packing list, which I should make right now:

1) Fleece blanket
Seeing as my boyfriend and I are planning to set up camp in our car during the three days of the festival, and also because I’m pretty sure that Clisson nights have great potential for hypothermia, a fleece blanket is the only kind of blanket that I can think of that will be warm enough, yet at the same time, thin enough to fit in my suitcase.

2) Three t-shirts
And no more. One Arch Enemy, one Death, and one Deicide. I’ll be buying some more t-shirts from the merch area at the festival, namely King Diamond and Ozzy.

3) Hoodies
My faded Spalding one for the nights in the car, and my zip-up Arch Enemy one for night performances on the festival grounds. I’m still undecided about my patches vest…

4) Three pairs of pants
My torn track pants for the muddy days in case they should arise, so that if I get dirty, I can just toss them out; My tight plaid pants on particularly sunny days because I don’t want to get them dirty; My black pants on days when I feel particularly metal.

5) Undergarments
Worth mentioning because I may need long johns, stockings and several pairs of socks in case it gets really fucking cold.

6) Winter gear
Seeing as 20 degrees is as warm as it could get in Clisson, and 15 degrees is what it will be most of the day, I decided to pack my raincoat, tuque, scarf and gloves. I also need two long-sleeve shirts as extra layers, if needed. Yes, I hate the fucking cold, and no, 20 degrees is not warm enough. Not nearly enough.

7) Boots
I’ll probably be wearing my Converse for the flight, but I’ll take my winter boots in case of cold, muddy weather.

8) Toiletries
Makeup, toothbrush and toothpaste, facial cleanser, shampoo, chapstick, hand cream, hair moisturizer, hair brush, allergy pills, and towel. I was considering tweezer too, but then I thought if I’m planning to bring my suitcase on board, they might consider it a sharp object and they may confiscate it. I don’t want to risk that because this tweezer is one of a kind and it’s the only one I know how to use without injuring myself. Besides, letting my eyebrows grow for five days is not gonna kill me.

9) Food
Mostly pre-made sandwiches for the first day and canned stuff like tuna. These cans have a pull-tag on top so they can be opened without a can opener, which is important because I doubt they’ll let me bring a can opener on board. Besides, I don’t trust airplane food OR food in foreign countries. Hopefully, I can find something semi-edible at the festival.

10) Papers
Without those, you basically don’t exist. Passport, Israeli ID, plane and train tickets, health insurance policy, credit cards, and some cash money. Maybe I should find a way to keep these on me at all times…

11) Documentation material
That’s just a fancy way of saying camera and notebook. I do want to keep a specific account of what happened on this trip and take some pics so that I can write a blog post that’s a bit more exciting than the one you’re reading right now.

Peace, love and what am I forgetting?


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