Tombstone Teeth

It has been on my shelf for some time. I decided I wasn’t gonna read It until I got some shit done. Now that I managed to control myself when it comes to Stephen King and got some shit done – mainly art related stuff like sewing a patches vest, making a zine, playing some guit, and drawing – I decided to go ahead and read It.

Now, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve gotten soft on horror (unlikely), or because I’ve let my boyfriend’s ramble about how much the movie sucks get to my head (hardly), or because Stephen King is just a freaking genius horror writer (bingo), but this must be the absolute scariest book I’ve read to date. Even the fear I felt as a kid reading the Goosebumps series doesn’t come close.

And it’s not because it’s gory, because I’ve read Stephen King’s ultimate gore (Cat from Hell) and it’s given me nightmares, but not like this. It is a book that goes beyond gory into something that scares you to the core with descriptions and imagery so clear and tangible that it distorts your vision of reality.

As I was reading a chapter of the book this past Thursday, I had to put the book down and go to sleep because it was too damn scary even for me. I was sure that at any moment, something dead and creepy was gonna grab my ankle from under the couch I was sitting on.

And on Friday at my parents’ house, after having read a few good chapters, I went to sleep, and just as I started drifting off, I had a nightmare. I woke up from it with my flesh crawling and my blood frozen in my veins, and I was so terrified I didn’t want to fall back asleep. For the first time since I was a baby, I wanted to leave my room and go sleep with my parents. I almost woke up my mom to ask her to come sleep with me because I had a nightmare.

Stephen King made me regress perfectly to the age of three.

The next morning, I told my boyfriend about the dream, and even the fear in his eyes was palpable.

“It was about two girls I never even met,” I said. “Maybe 15 or 16 years old. I saw them like a movie. They sat on the floor, next to a coffee table in their living room, playing some board game and giggling hysterically. The hallway leading from the living room to the rest of the house was dark and a dog was standing in front of it. As he looked off into the darkness of the hallway, he started growling. The girls grew quiet and tried to understand what the dog was growling at. Just then, a lightning threw a brief but powerful light into the dark hallway, and a reddish figure was standing at the end. Another lightning struck and the figure was suddenly right in front of my face, and I woke up with a gasp.”

My boyfriend’s eyes grew wide. “Whoa…” he whispered.

I’m not even a quarter way through the book, and I’m probably gonna have several more episodes of regression, and of putting the book away because the fear will consume me, and of looking over my shoulder expecting to see a decomposed clown offering me a balloon, and of course nightmares. Many of them. But godDAMN, if Stephen King is not the most amazing horror novelist in the world.

Dude’s gonna be the death of me.

Peace, love and “They all float!”


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