Metal Gear

My boyfriend and I are gearing up for our trip to France and Hellfest. We’re mostly concerned about the weather. I hate the cold and he hates mud, so we’re hoping for three warm, sunny, un-rainy days in Clisson.

I’ve been checking the weather in Clisson online for a couple of days now and it looks not too bad. Kinda reminds me of Montrealian summer. Although you can’t say for sure when it’s still a week away. Plus, there is no way to trust weather forecast. Weather people lie as often as do politicians, doctors and journalists. But for metalheads like my boyfriend and me, there is always hope for a ray of sunshine. I mean, if King Diamond performs in the rain, his makeup will run, and it will be lame.

I’m still planning on bringing my tuque. Although headbanging with headgear will surely prove to be tricky. I was also thinking on bringing my mitts, but I think I’ll settle for gloves because you can’t make metal horns with mitts.

I hope I can bring my patches vest without risking destroying it. I made it especially for the festival, and I can’t wait to wear it!

Peace, love and I better polish up my Francais, tabarnac!


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