Drawn and Quartered

I picked up a pen again. This time, not for longhand but for drawing.

I’ve been drawing for a long time, and did quite a bit of painting back in the day, but then I stopped because I found it easier to express myself with the written word.

Also, in my earlier days of drawing and painting, I did it without paying attention to any artistic conventions or guidelines. I never took any advanced art workshops, and even our art class in high school wasn’t mandatory. I took it mainly because I enjoyed it.

So when this one time, a professional artist came over to my parents’ house in Canada, she felt it necessary to criticise my work and say I have no artistic knowledge and therefore my paintings are crude, heavy-handed and bland. Basically, I suck.

I was rather pissed that this woman, who I don’t even know, thinks she can judge my work, just because she took some lessons that I didn’t.

“I don’t even use paintbrushes,” she said with a sneer. “I just draw with my fingers, like this.” And proceeded to demonstrate brushing on a canvas with the back of her fingers and her nails.

My love for DIY grew because of people like her who think they are better than everyone else because they are well-versed in classical techniques of drawing and painting.

I say, fuck the classics. DIY is the way to go. Art should not be restricted by rules and guidelines. Art should be based on freedom of expression and limited only by the creator’s imagination.

And so, I said “People can say my drawings suck ass and that my paintings are tasteless. But that shouldn’t stop me from drawing any more than people’s close-minded opinions stopped me from dressing the way I do and engaging in body modification.”

And I think I’m a pretty damn good artist. And that’s the only opinion that counts.

Peace, love and crafts.


4 thoughts on “Drawn and Quartered

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