Restless in Jerusalem

I just figured it out. When you don’t work on the holidays, you’re more tired than you are when you work on regular days.

This Passover holiday is simply exhausting – both physically and mentally. This year is the first year I am not working on Chol Hamoed since I moved to Israel. My boss asked me to pay a short visit to the office today and Thursday, just to check up on things, but that doesn’t really count as (much) work. However, every day this week, I am packed to the rim with shit to do.

Let’s start with last week. Every morning last week, I had to wake up early to walk the dog and babysit, and went to sleep late because I had to clean the house. On Wednesday, I babysat in the morning again, then had to go to work early because my coworker had to leave early, and I had to replace her. Then that night, while cleaning, I manage to injure my finger and spent the night in the emergency clinic down the street, came back home at midnight, with my incapacitated left hand because of the injury and my incapacitated right hand because of the tetanus shot they gave me.

On Thursday, I woke up early yet again, because I had to go to work even earlier than the previous day and work for twice as long as I usually do. I came back home nearly comatose and collapsed for no more than an hour and a half, at which point I woke up to a loud pounding on my heavy shelter room metal door. I stumbled out of bed, still very much out of it, and opened the door to find a rather distraught roommie on the verge of tears. Turns out that the girl we considered as a potential third roommate (who hasn’t even signed the lease) decided to take over the house, refused to give us back her key, threatened, intimidated and lied to my roommate with her phone camera in her face, and we later found out she also destroyed some things in the room and the bathroom and stole some items, too.

Basically, we decided to call the police, but by the time they came to the apartment, that girl and her boyfriend had already left. The only thing we had left to do was to immediately call a locksmith and change the locks, which we did.

When things finally died down, my roommate and I went on cleaning the house – her with her heavily shaken self, and me with my still aching arms. We finished cleaning at a little after midnight, at which point my boyfriend called me asking if I want to go out. I said yes even if I was dead tired.

That night, we got home at 3:00 a.m. Apparently my boyfriend’s night wasn’t over yet and tried to see if I was up for something more. When I replied in the negative, he backed off and also went to sleep (don’t you love it when guys actually understand the word “no”?).

The next day, I managed to sleep until 10:30 a.m. (still too early for me). My boyfriend went home and I headed for Be’er Sheva where I spent the Shabbat/Passover holiday. It was loud and crazy, but that’s the way it always is when we’re 30+ people in the same house.

I went back home on Saturday night and my boyfriend came to pick me up. Both of us were exhausted, but that feeling paled in comparison to our horniness, so we went with it this time.

On comes Sunday. Oh, Sunday Sunday! How I hate that day. Even on Chol Hamoed, it manages to piss me off. I woke up at 9:30 a.m. (will I EVER have a chance to truly sleep in?) and called a client who was potentially supposed to work with me. He told me he was not up for it, which meant I have the rest of the day to myself (yeah right… see below).

I also called the JRCC because I had a donation for them since last week when someone purchased an item from the Crafts for a Cause Etsy shop. They said I can come in at 4:00 p.m. that day. So I thought “Sweet! I can start working on my zine!” I worked for no longer than an hour, when Ariella called. I walk her dog and babysit her kid three times a week. She said she spent the holiday in Maalei Adumim (a settlement on the outskirts of Jerusalem) with her son, and left the dog at home. She asked the neighbor to take out the dog on Saturday, but during the walk, the dog managed to escape from the neighbor. The blind, 13-year-old canine somehow managed to make it from Nachlaot all the way to Armon Hanatziv on the other side of town, then got hit by a car. Luckily, some tourist found him with an injured foot, but pretty much alive, and took him to the SPCA in Talpiyot – about a 30 minute walk from my house.

Ariella said she was on her way back to Jerusalem and asked if I’d be willing to help her with her son, because there was no way she would be able to handle both him and the dog. I accepted. I met up with her at 2:30 p.m. in the sweltering heat, and carried her poor little dog, who was struggling, whining and freaking out on the ride home.

I got back home at 4:30, tired as fucking hell and hungrier than that. I ate, and went right back out to the JRCC to donate the money. I wanted to mail out the order too, but of course, the post office was closed. I went back home and tried to sleep but couldn’t. Some other girl was supposed to come visit the room but didn’t at the end. Apparently, she found that we were too religious for her purposes. I don’t know what that means. I mean, we had a non-Jewish roommate living with us and we got along just fine. Maybe she was planning on having a Chanukat Bayit with a huge whole pig sitting in the middle of the table with an apple in its mouth… who the hell knows, and who the fuck cares.

Anyway, that night, I met up with my boyfriend again and we went to a metal night. I was beyond tired, still, and hungry, still, so I bought some kosher for Passover meal at Coffeshop and went to Blaze, where I fell asleep on the bar.

Today is Monday. My day started at the fucking annoying hour of 7:30 a.m. I went to babysit Ariella’s kid, then went to the post office to mail a bunch of shit, and now I’m at work. I need to leave soon because I want to go home and pick up some flyers before I head off to the JRCC fundraiser and then meet up with my mom, who is staying over at my place until Wednesday. Tomorrow morning, I have to babysit again, and my dad is also coming tomorrow night. Then, on Wednesday, my parents and I will drive to Be’er Sheva for a Bris of a new family member, and a birthday party of another one. Then, on Wednesday night, I’ll take the bus back to Jerusalem, smoke my brains out with my boyfriend, then on Thursday, I’ll have to go to work again, then leave for Be’er Sheva yet again for the second holiday. *Phew*

Zine-production, which I hoped to fill my holiday with, is impossible. It is therefore my conclusion that Chol Hamoed is more tiring than any other regular work day.

At least, I take comfort in the fact that it is FINALLY nice and warm outside!! I love the sun! It makes me happy.

Peace, love and rice cakes.


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