Passover Chills

Passover is coming up next week. Hurray for me, I get to clean shit up. And this year, I get to choose whether or not to work on chol hamoed. Maybe I should take a couple of days off. I can use them for sleeping in and zine production which I’ve been putting off for way too long. The time is right for it too because the weather is still not warm enough to be hanging out anyway. I found it out the hard way this Saturday when my friend decided to have a picnic lunch.

My boyfriend and I headed out around noon and took our guitars with us – me with my classical and him with his acoustic. Though the sun was out, and I was wearing my winter tights and a leather jacket, my hands were acting as if it was blistering cold. Sitting on the picnic blanket, I struck some chords and my fingers curled into a fist, as they usually do when I force them, and stayed that way almost the entire time. I forced them open every once in a while only to have them curl up even more. My DM gets much worse in low temperatures, so that was a definite sign that this goddamn winter is nowhere near over. That Saturday night was cold as fucking hell. My boyfriend drove me back to my place so that I can exchange my light leather jacket for my full winter armor – double layers, winter coat, tuque, scarf, mittens, the works – before heading out again. The dude was comfortable for reasons I have yet to understand, while I was freezing my ass off, for reasons I will probably never understand.

Riddle me this:
Why is it April 
Yet still not hot as hell,
In this gorgeous Holy City
Capital of Israel?

My friend says Jerusalem is a mountain city and I’m a mountain Jew. Well, that may be, but I’m a mountain Jew who likes to sweat in natural heat, too. Not only the kind of heat that comes with a ridiculous bill from the electrical company.

So may it be the Goddess’s will that this Passover will bring the high 20s and 30s that only I seem to appreciate.

Peace, love and amen.


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