Monday Bloody Monday

I wanted to wake up this morning at 9:00. But then I kept snoozing the alarm until I simply reset it to 10:00, then snoozed it some more. But before I could reset it to 11:00, my inner child said “Get your lazy ass out of bed already, and get typing.”

So I dragged my ass out and made me some tea. Cramps were creeping up on me like a nightmare, but my fine washable was showing no signs of spotting. It was the first time I ever got cramps BEFORE getting my period. My cramps usually start the moment I see the first drop. So it was weird. I had all the symptoms. My breasts were tender for three days; I had my share of mood swings this past weekend; and an overall sense of numbness started around yesterday afternoon.

So as a way to invoke the blood, yesterday afternoon, I made me some pomegranate tea and had strawberry jelly cookies. This morning, keeping with the red theme, I continued working on my alphabet issue of Purple Myrtle Squeegy, writing with a red pen and typing on a red typewriter. A PMS zine is always a good way to immerse yourself in a menstrual mood and push the cycle along its merry way.

My period came like giving birth, about 15 minutes ago, and I am this close to having another serving of pomegranate tea. No cookies this time though. My guts are tangled enough as it is.

I’m very excited about my zine though. I haven’t made a PMS issue in so long, I forgot how much fun it could be. My inner child knows it already because the need for it exists in my unconscious mind. If I want to bring it to the foreground, I need to actually start doing it. Like this morning. Sleeping put my conscious mind on lockdown and all I wanted to do was smash the living Christ out of the snooze button. But once I actually got up and started writing, I didn’t want to stop. The key is to stop being lazy and let the inner child take over my physical and mental capacities until I am neck-deep in DIY glory.

Now, I’m at work. There isn’t a red object in sight. And I can’t work on my zine because all my material is at home. Anyway, I prefer to do it on my bed, listening to my records full blast and eating chips and chocolate.

Tonight, I probably won’t be working on it either because I have to go to Orange and see if I can fix my cellphone. I’ve had it for seven years and it started deteriorating about two years ago. First, the battery died and couldn’t be charged again, so I went and got a new one. Then the back flap broke, and had to be held with scotch tape. Then the ringtone stopped working and I had to leave it on vibrate to hear it ring. This morning I woke up to find that the screen is no longer working. So if I ever want to call or text people again, I need to find a way to fix it or get a new phone altogether. So no zine production for me tonight 😦

Now if you’ll excuse me, I got cramps to get back to.

Peace, love and pain isn’t worth it without blood.


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