Fight Snow With Typewriter

I think this is the second time this happens. I complain about my lack of productivity and then get my ass up and start producing! Yes indeed.

Maybe it has something to do with this awful weather. Maybe my “crafty blues” have been replaced with shitty weather blues, so that crafts is really the only thing that could cheer me up.

The tips of my fingers are aching because I’ve been tapping incessantly on my typewriter, working on an alphabet issue of my perzine. I haven’t written anything absolutely brilliant, but at least I’ve been writing. And the whole creative process is really helping me wash my “this-weather-is-so-fucking-gross-I-can’t-even-keep-my-food-down” blues away and replacing it with glittery happiness. Last night, I also played some guitar with my boyfriend, which made the tips of my fingers ache some more, but also made me happy. And on top of all that, I made a mad dinner of lentil-noodle soup, and a green salad, with humus my boyfriend brought over with some fresh bread.

So with all my complaining on my previous post, I’m glad I finally managed to make something of myself. Right now, I got to the letter U on my alphabet zine. I already have all the photos I want to use and I can’t wait to complete the writing part so I can begin the drawing, cutting, and pasting part of the layout!

This weather doesn’t stand a chance. Art night is tonight. Go on skies, do your worst.

Peace, love and I think this weather got lost on its way to the True North.


One thought on “Fight Snow With Typewriter

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