Crafty Blues

Purim is coming up and I’m out of ideas for a costume. My roommate and I are organizing an art night for the event, but the turnout at these events has been sucking for so long, I don’t think we can expect anything to happen. And I don’t think it has anything to do with the guest list being made up of rather flakey people, but I think the reason is that people are just too damn uninspired.

I’m saying this because I feel that lack of inspiration floating around wherever I go. If I’m at home doing shitall, I will just stay sitting on my bed and continue doing shitall. I keep thinking “Hey, I should get my ass up and play some guitar,” but then I think of my limited repertoire of songs and get uninspired again. So then I think, “Hey, I should write something…” But then I think about my computer, which is probably jam-packed with molasses because it sits there collecting dust just like I do, and I get uninspired, yet again. Even if I pick up my notebook and my pen, the words just refuse to come. So I go from sitting on my bed doing shitall to sitting on my bed with a pen and notebook doing shitall.

Art night helps if people show up. But they don’t. So why do we keep organizing these nights and inviting people if we already know that the outcome will be lame? Maybe it’s for the same reason I continue to sit on my bed with my pen and my notebook. We hope, maybe this time will be the time that people actually show up. Maybe today will be the day where the words just start flowing right out of me. Maybe now will be the moment where this insufferable inspiration drought finally breaks and crafty drops start pounding down in buckets and drown us in brilliant ideas for creations until we can’t produce these artworks fast enough.

I want to believe this. But I can’t. My patches vest is complete and my feeling of accomplishment is wearing thin. I need a boost for more art. My inner child is becoming restless. She doesn’t like to feel that way and she loathes sitting on the bed doing shitall.

Peace, love and gotta be starting something

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