Weight Does Not Define Beauty

Recently, I started seeing a lot of pictures on the internet, and especially on Facebook, about women’s bodies and their weight. Many of them showed pictures of plump women accompanied with texts such as “Bones are for the dog. Meat is for the man,” and such.

Now, I think that it’s great that society is slowly beginning to acknowledge that big women are beautiful. And I also think they’re beautiful and curvy and absolutely gorgeous in every sense of the word. And considering all the shit that curvy women have been taking and are still taking on a regular basis, it’s only right that society begins to view them as I do.

However, this is no reason to bash skinny women. It’s like society will see one thing as beautiful only if it will treat the exact opposite as completely fucking ugly. Why compare in the first place? What’s wrong with saying curvy women are gorgeous and skinny women are gorgeous and black women are dazzling and Middle-Eastern women are sizzling and European women are stunning and women who are pierced and tattooed up and down are so totally punk-rock? Is it really that hard to say ALL women are beautiful in their own unique way?

I am skinny. Very skinny. I am clinically underweight, and I’m aware of it. But I don’t appreciate being refered to as a bone, and that I should serve as dog food. I don’t appreciate being compared to ANYONE and being told that I’m ugly. I’ve been forced to listen to enough rude comments about my white hairs, my eyebrows, my nose, the hair on my arms and on my entire body, and my small or nonexistent breasts, without having to take any more shit about my weight.

Yes, I’ve gone through horrible experiences, too. Experiences that made me look in the mirror and gag at the figure that stared back. Experiences that made me unable to take off my clothes or take a shower for fear of seeing that figure yet again. Experiences that made me beat myself in the chest, pull at my hair, and starve myself for days at a time. I didn’t spend three years in therapy just to go back to my former self-hating, self-bashing, self-abusing state of mind.

So yes, fuck society indeed. BOTH these women are fucking gorgeous and so am I.

Peace, love and anger levels are off the charts.

Update (May 24, 2012): Here’s another picture I just saw.

But you know, my boyfriend doesn’t seem to have any problem finding where to put his hands. By the way, why is our weight equated with our sexual appeal? Oh right, because our bodies belong to men, right…


3 thoughts on “Weight Does Not Define Beauty

  1. This is so true. “Bones are gross” is just as insulting to women as “fat lines are gross”. P.S. I have both and I don’t give a crap.
    Also, I notice how girls who prefer men to be a certain size are “shallow” and yet people post these things about women all over the Internet.

  2. Misguided anger? Your physical appearence is “equated” to your “sex appeal” because physical appearence is a display of biological fitness. Not excersize fitness. Rather, physical appearence is a HUGE form of communication that lets potentially suitable mates know that you are healthy. Hey, at the end of the day it’s up to you what you want to do with your life. The universe is only responding to your choices. Best Wishes and Happy Holidays!

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