Projects of a Riot Grrrl

Riot stuff to look forward to:

1) Vagina Monologues presentation in Jerusalem
Recently, I sent a Facebook message to the Jerusalem Rape Crisis Center, asking them to send out the link to the Crafts for a Cause Etsy store I opened recently. I am selling whatever leftover art stuff I collected last summer to benefit the JRCC, so I thought it would help if the JRCC would lend a hand in spreading the message. The Facebook message turned into a small chat about the Vagina Monologues English presentation that the JRCC is putting on, also as a benefit for the Center. Despite my financial crisis, I managed to crunch some numbers and decided to go to the premiere which takes place on February 23.

2) Completing my riot grrrl/metal patches vest
I am working hard, putting extra hours to complete my patches vest. When I first started it, I actually managed to  sew only half a patch before breaking the (thick) needle I was working with in three! How physicists can explain that is beyond me, but I digress. So I bought a new needle and extra string, and tried being a little more careful. I have three more patches left to sew on the back, and about seven or eight more to sew on the front. The rest were iron-ons, so I already fixed them with my boyfriend’s mother’s iron. So far, it looks rad, totally ghetto-style, DIY, as some of the patches were torn at the edges or came out a little crooked. I love that rugged look! (Photo will come later on as the vest is completed)

3) 24-Hour Zine Thing in Summer
This is really the thing that is exciting me the most. I’ve been wanting to make a zine in forever and have always allowed myself to be sidetracked by other projects, whether it’s designing a bookmark for my cousin or sewing a patches vest… Of course, if I have a window of opportunity to make a zine between now and July (which is the month during which I have to make time for a 24-hour zine), I will. But having already made the committment to that summer project, I can’t wait for it! I have to stock up on food because despite the excitement of zine-production, I know that the only thing that can keep me from falling asleep during those 24 consecutive hours is a lot of munchies. Small things like peanut butter & jelly sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, chocolate and chips snacks, little strips of raw cucumbers, red and green peppers, carrots, the occasional bowl of cereal, baked potatoes, maybe bite-size pizzas if I feel fancy, but nothing too elaborate.


Peace, love and riot the fuck on!


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