Spawn the Metal Tickets

At 13:00 hours today, as I was frantically getting ready to go to work, I hear the intercom ring. It was strange since our door downstairs is always unlocked. I looked at the screen of the intercom and didn’t recognize the face that stared back. I picked up the receiver to ask who it is. The dude says he’s the postman and has registered mail for us.

After he delivered the letter and I signed for it, I was sure the letter would be for one of my roommates because I wasn’t expecting any mail… or rather forgot about it, because it was for me.

It was from e-tickets. My heart skipped a few consecutive beats and I let out a small yelp.

“Woohoo! It’s my Arch Enemy tickets!!!

I was so psyched about it, I completely forgot about my afternoon shift and just had to take a picture of them with my happy face, and the mandatory metal horns.

January 24 in Tel Aviv’s Barby Bar is where you can expect to find me, quite possibly looking like hell wreaked havoc on my hair, or possessed by some demon hellbent on breaking my neck.

I expect these 460 Shekels to be exceptionally well spent.

Peace, love and bring more shred-licious metal bands to Israel!


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