GI Jew

I think I may have written about this before, but holiday season in Israel is characterized by nationwide hysteria followed by nationwide paralysis. Don’t get me wrong. I love the Jewish holidays even more than I love my birthday, and my birthday falls ON the holidays, so that’s double the excitement. But whatever anybody does or is planning to do is defined according to the holidays. They always say “Let’s get this done before the holidays,” or “Let’s wait until after the holidays to figure it out.”

Unfortunately, since the holidays provide an enormous source of inspiration for me as a writer, it is hard for me to go into a state of paralysis, and stop any kind of written project to be continued after the fact. The inspiration will dissipate and I will be left with nothing but frustration and writing-withdrawal seizures.

Also, I am predicting a bloody-vulva around this weekend (i.e. my goyish birthday), and this also inspires me as a feminist, and makes me crave my typewriter and extreme grrrl zine production. 

And since I write alone, produce zines on my own, and enjoy solitude when I am menstruating, the holidays are the complete opposite of all this shit. I will be with my enormous family in Be’er Sheva, most of which is religious, so out of respect, I will have to avoid writing, leave Rose Madder in Jerusalem, and find a more acceptable form of escapism.

Again, don’t get me wrong, I love my family, and I love being with them on the holidays. But since I signed up for that 24-Hour Zine Thing (see earlier post), I’ve been craving DIY zine-making like a bleeding female craves chocolate.

So I’ll just have to make like the rest of the country and leave this for after the holidays. Meanwhile, I’ll make the best of the chagim and enjoy the shifting cycles of the moon (yet another source of inspiration), connect to a Higher Power (can’t love the holidays without it), and savor my apples and honey (as the best alternative to chocolate for a sweet new year).

Peace, love and aroma of Hadassim.


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