Profession: Author

I’m all written out as a result of my book. I get lost in the prose so much that I can’t think coherently anymore. But I absolutely love it! I would describe it like I describe the feeling of getting a tattoo.

I often liken the tattoo experience to the experience of fasting on the Day of Atonement – a cleansing, purifying feeling that is almost divine.

The experience of writing for me is similar, but it’s more cathartic than anything. It would be like disinfecting a wound with rubbing alcohol. It hurts like hell at the beginning, but feels great afterwards, even if zombiness is in order.

I wonder if I keep writing at the rate that I am writing now, will it be possible for me to complete the book and publish it (with indie publishing because I don’t wanna have to deal with the butchering and diluting that my prose will potentially have to suffer if I send it to a publisher) before my trip to Berlin for the International GrrrlVIRUS Get-Together.

I have a ticket, which is awesome, and I’m so excited, I think I’m gonna bust an ovary, Goddess forbid. And I’m planning on bringing some patches and copies of my zines which will be heavy enough already. But if I can manage to finish my book, that will be even more awesome!

Things I’m planning to do with my book:
1) Have at least 200, preferably 300, pages
2) Have some artwork included inside, fuck those picture-less books
3) Lay it out with InDesign all by my little self
4) Include a glossary at the end listing Hebrew words or terms I used
5) Come up with a better title than Sunday on the Mountain
6) Come up with a brilliant idea for a cover that my metalhead friend from Toronto can design 🙂

Peace, love and my fingers are screaming bloody murder!


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