Arial and Courier

Last night I started laying out my zine and I was all excited about it and kept thinking how much I’ll be missing doing that. Of course, I’ll still be doing some more of my perzine, Purple Myrtle Squeegy, and some more of my nonsense zine, The End of Words, so my thirst for DIY production will definitely be quenched until I drown. But seriously, there’s nothing like Fallopian Falafel. My baby. My computerized beauty. Slick, shiny, glossy, brilliant rag-mag.

There’s definitely something to computer layout that you can never have in scissors-and-glue layout. And although I do lovevintage, hand-made, grungy, sloppy zines, where pages are never cut perfectly straight, and the staples don’t always fall right down the middle and often cut words here and there – computer-produced zines are a rare specie in the DIY world, and have a unique professional quality while still keeping with the revolutionary spirit of anti-establishment punk rock culture.

And hell knows laying out a zine on Adobe is ten times easier and faster than fumbling around with scissors and getting sticky fingers from the gluestick, then both your scissors and the gluestick become sticky as they were handled with sticky fingers, and if you use colored construction paper, your fingers become black and everything you handle afterwards becomes black too.

And since we live in a society where faster=better and paper=disposable and digital=indispensable, computerized publications are the preferred method of communication. 

Don’t get me wrong – vintage, retro stuff is awesome too. And it also has a certain honest ghetto quality that is rarely found online. Rose Madder, my typewriter, is as important to me as my guitar. Both are branded on my skin, a typewriter on my arm and my electric on my hip. But I’ve gotten so used to my baby zine being digital that I can’t deny the fact that I do love the professional, clean-cut quality of it.

And using Adobe programs is exhilirating. When you see your production come together in such a perfect modular way, in something so abstract as a digital visual on the computer, to something concrete on paper after publication, you become a believer.

Besides, I like having as many options as possible. If I were to produce only computerized zines, I’d get bored. If I were to produce only scissors and glue zines, I’d get frustrated. Having the knowlege and having experimented with both makes me appreciate both methods equally and makes me grateful that I can do both whenever I feel like it.

Another besides, feminism is always about choice. So if I choose to go digital, or if I choose to go tap-tapitty-snap-snap on Rose, that is up to me. And bashing me for either reason will only make me love it more.

Peace, love and you can choose between having your head bashed in either with a heavy-ass typewriter or a heavy-ass guit.


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