Ode to the Familia

On March 17, my parents finally moved to Israel!

I’m totally psyched about it because it was about fucking time and I was starting to get frustrated about not having my parents around and I was missing my mom’s food and my dad’s bear hugs.

Yesterday, I was in Be’er Sheva for like five minutes or something. I tried leaving work as early as possible so I can make it to Be’er Sheva on time for my cousin’s Hinna and then take the last bus back to Jerusalem, so I thought I’ll be there for at least two hours. But that didn’t work out so I went to the party hall, stayed there for just about enough time to kiss my family (30+ members strong) hello, stuff my face with the buffet, and then kiss my family goodbye.

But I was there long enough to realize how much I love my family and how fortunate I am to have such incredibly awesome caring people in my midst, and I got totally bummed about being such a distant and introverted part of this wonderful family, who has to leave the party when the night is still but a mere fetus.

I know it sounds cheesy, and I know I’m engaging in some self-bashing, which after three years worth of therapy I learned is the ultimate psychological sin, but I’m just saying it the way it is, and the way I feel.

My aunt from LA also came to the party with her youngest son, and I met some of the relatives of my cousin’s wife-to-be (who is a real sweetheart). And although I’m not a big fan of the music they played there, I was tearing with joy to just be around my family, especially with my parents! For once, I was no longer the odd cousin out, who is sitting around with no parents. Now, on every holiday, I’ll get to celebrate it with the life-givers.

I sometimes hear people bitching about their families and their siblings and especially their parents. And yes, I do bitch about my parents sometimes. They can definitely be a royal pain in the ass. But they do definitely kick some royal ass as well.

So my family owns. They’re Moroccan, and they’re loud and crazy and they make the best fucking food ever, and they’re in-your-face honest and go-fuck-yourself-if-you-don’t-like-it proud, and I love the shit out of them!

Peace, love and Meymers!


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