Death: Fact or Fiction?

If I become mad or afflicted by the Jerusalem syndrome, it is by my own doing and not by any of the people/books/musicians/entities mentioned below.

I have decided that I don’t know God and that I don’t know Satan and that I don’t know any of their respective servants and I also do not intend on finding out who they are.

Instead, I have set out to make my own theory about all that.

It seems to have become such common knowledge that death is not the end, but rather the beginning of whatever else.

Yet people who have experienced death, have never lived to tell about it, and if they have, the damage to their brain has been so severe, they were unable to talk about it. However, wars are still raging between the different Schools of Thought that study the theory of post-mortem existence, also known as religions. Such wars will surely never end as there is no way to prove that one belief or the other is the ultimate one.

I know the Old Testament through and through, so much that I am bored with it, and so, I will not go into details. The New Testament, I am now in the process of reading, and find it to be quite intriguing. As for Satanic dogma, my sole sources consist of Wikipedia and Deicide records – mediocre sources at best.

But as I delve deeper and deeper into the religious rhetoric of these different takes on the afterlife, a single common theory echoes through: Life does not begin at birth and does not end at death.

In other words, we are not alive and we are not dead. We simply experience existence while traveling across different dimensions. As one cannot prove this theory any more than other dogmatic hypotheses by the various Schools of Thought, the assumption will have to remain assumed.

Yet if all religions agree on this assumption, is there still hope for peace on this one common ground and ignore the insignificant details that come along the way?

Surely the proponents of righteousness would wish for nothing more than peace and kindness to reign in this world, and the next, and the one after that, and so on. However, there are proponents of evil disguised as the righteous and they come by the hundreds of thousands from every single School of Thought. These hypocrites are on a quest for power and glory, and they wish the throne of these worlds to belong to them, disregarding their brethren, rejecting peace and denying kindness.

*Going mad*

*Becoming afflicted with the Jerusalem Syndrome*

As I am the Messiah of my own being and the Creator of my own demise, I shall now retreat to death with a self-contented smile.

Peace, love and Oh, ye of little faith!



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