Apron With Oil Burns

Jerusalem Food Festival…
A place you probably wouldn’t expect to find me… especially not goreging myself until my stomach begs to be put out of its misery.
But there I was tonight, eating like I haven’t eaten in days.
It was great however. So my love/hate relationship with food has never been so confusing as it has been these past couple of days. As I said before, I hate eating because my digestive system fucks me over no matter what goes through it. On the other hand, I started to discover the joys of cooking.
At the beginning it was a disaster. No matter what I would make, I would make an absolute mess and the food looked far from appetizing, and was either overcooked or undercooked or too salty or not salty enough… But recently, I managed to surprise myself with some pretty amazing dishes, quite easy and quick to make, and do not come in powder form with plenty of preservatives.
SO! Food festival was the place to be for a blooming cooker, who is looking to enhance her Moroccan roots. I thought I might get some ideas, but the baking workshops that were mentioned on the pamphlet were nowhere to be found… I guess I’ll have to keep practicing my Moroccan cooked tomato salad until I get it right. Which sucks because I finally realized the secret ingredient is GARLIC! And I hate garlic so much, I might as well be a vampire…
Then again, I managed to overcome my fear of onions, as well as my fear of olive oil (in fact, I can’t do anything in the kitchen without olive oil!) maybe someday I’ll manage to overcome my fear of garlic as well.
Earlier today, one of my friends told me: "Food is dangerous." She was clearly meaning in terms of calories, but since that is never an issue when one is 163 cm tall and weighs 43.5 kilos, I decided to agree based on my experience with my retarded digestive system. I still enjoy eating because I noticed that not only does it somehow keep me alive, it also releases certain endorphines when I make it and it comes out just right.
Peace, love and food dillemma continues…

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