Police Siren Remix

Yesterday was the first time I ever passed by a scene where an attack just took place. It was the second time this month an Arab construction worker decided to drive his tractor into the sidewalk and run people over, intentionally. The first time this happened, the tractor not only ran people over, but also toppled cars and a bus. Three people died. This second attack had no fatal casualties but dozens of people were injured.
This happened about six minutes before I had to go downtown to pick up my zines. The area where the attack took place is right on the way from my house to the center of town. But before I left my house, I decided to eat. So while eating I surfed the net a little and came across this breaking news story. I was shocked:
"Dude, I think this tuna sandwitch may have just saved my life!"
In any case, I went out a few minutes later and had to walk to and from the center of town because the busses were all derouted because of the attack. So I passed by the scene, many people stood around, journalists, cameras, TV vans, ambulances, police units and fire engines were all around, and in the middle of the closed street – the tractor. The driver was clearly dead, it was the only way to stop him.
It was so surreal. I already passed by many sites where attacks took place, especially in Jerusalem. Every two steps you take in the center of town, you see a memorial stone or a plaque on the wall reading "Here x number of souls were taken on (insert date) when a terrorist detonated himself, etc." But this time was different because the attack was still fresh, it just happened, which is what made it so surreal.
I’m not scared of such things really. Although I moved to Israel only two years ago, it sort of became part of my reality. I live in a war zone. And at any moment, I can die. And that’s ok, because at least I know that I died happy and fulfilled, and fell on the holy ground of my foremothers and fathers.
Peace, love and is the tractor thing a new fad or something? 

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