Taste the Rainbow!

Yesterday was Pride in Jerusalem. It was great, very colorful, very funny, very moving at times, excruciatingly hot, a lot of fun, people from all over the country, there were even some foreigners, it was just awesome. And what was great about it was that there weren’t as many anti-protesters and not as many security officials.
What still sucks is that there still is an enormous amount of homophobia, even by moderates and secular Israelis.
My cousins are sill vehemently against it, fucking homophobes, born and raised. Yet, we still live in a democratic country, at least theoretically.
When people ask me how is it that I’m straight yet still go to GLBT marches and events, I say because I would do the same for any group of Jews who look to be accepted by their fellow Jews in their own Jewish nation. It only makes sense, doesn’t it? Besides, I want my country to be democratic in practice, not only in theory, and by supporting different groups of people, especially the GLBT community whose sole struggle is for their right to love, this kind of democracy can be achieved. And lord knows Israel can use a bit more free love among so much animosity in all other areas of Israeli daily life.
Peace, love and אהבת חינם!

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