Cartoon Wars

Oh yeah! And we’re back with more of moi!
Yes, for those of you who just joined us, this space was deleted because of a tiny 2 pixels photo of a cartoon depicting a nude woman just standing there doing shitall. In fact, we found traces of much more obscene nudity on other photos featured on this site, including a naked dominatrix with a male slave licking her boots, and a topless woman wearing a strap on dildo with a man giving her head (these were deleted upon the owner’s own initiative of avoiding pissing off Windows Live once again).
Now why would Windows Live choose to delete this awesome cool space because of the pathetic 2 pixel cartoon and not the other crazy pics remains a mystery. In any case, Riot Grrrl is back, very unfortunately censored. But back nontheless.
Meanwhile, I was using this other space:
So you can check out what was going on while you were away.
And now to resume regular programing…
Fuck this, I’m hungry. I’ll think of something to write later.
Peace, love, and freedom of expression shall prevail, you pathetic ameobas fucked beyond repair!

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