Good Times…

Last night, I had a Friday night dinner at my friend’s place.
We did the kiddush before the dinner and we did buddha after it.
So while we were tripping, outside on the balcony, someone went inside and when he came back out, he shut the glass door all the way. So basically we got locked outside on the balcony, all stoned, with no one to call for help.
Despite his highness, one of the guys climbed over the edge of the balcony and managed to go inside the house through the window.
Before that, I was beginning to think we would have to call the police (luckily one of us didn’t leave his cellphone inside the house. And I was beginning to think I would stay on that balcony for the rest of my life and starve to death, and then someone would find us half dead on our balcony and we would make an appearance on "In Odder News" and/or "funniest home videos":
This just in! Five stupid stoners smoke themselves retarted and lock themselves outside their own home only to starve to death on their own balcony. Well I guess the Friday night dinner could have very well been my last.
But it wasn’t!
The guy climbed in through the window and we all cheered and clapped our hands and hugged and the badtrip was over 🙂
Definitely something to look back and laugh at.

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