Bubblewrap Popping Symphony

I didn’t write here in a while, so here are several updates:
1) I live in Jerusalem in the center of town
2) I still work for PMW
3) I’m going to visit Montreal in early April
4) I’m addicted to bubblewrap bubble popping
5) I acquired the taste of yogurt with pieces of fruit
6) I still hate beer
7) I still love Bailey’s
8) I still abbhor cigarette smoke
9) I still fancy Buddha
10) I still think that Arch Enemy kicks Pink Floyd’s ass in every possible aspect
11) I cheer for Beitar Yerushalayim in soccer
12) I still don’t like hockey
13) I learned new marklar-related hebrew terms (i.e Satlan, shachta, rosh…)
14) I learned new hebrew expressions (i.e. kamut mischarit, beramot kashot, chole beishpuz…)
15) I still can’t, for the life of me, figure out Israeli bureacracy
16) I like Facebook better then Windows Live Spaces – so screw this.
Peace, love and Strawberry Bio.

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