I was so bored today I registered my dog to Facebook.
Need I say more?
I’m literally losing it. LOL!
It’s still funny though. I think Buxy is the only dog to be registered on Facebook. I even signed him into a group of Golden Retrievers (Owners of goldens, mind you, but still, Buxy prefers humans to dogs in any case).
I noticed there were a lot of groups about how goldens are better than labs. I feel rather sad about that because I think they’re equally as cute and pretty and fun-loving. Maybe I should start a Labs-Goldens Peace Alliance group.
In case I’m bored enough next time I’m online, I just might do that.
I wonder if there are any cats registered on Facebook. Buxy loves cats!
Peace, love and if I find the password to the server, I just may break away from my chains of bordom!

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