Closing In

Now that the whole Jerusalem Pride deal is over, everyone can go back to their quiet little lives pretending everything is back to normal. The truth is that this whole story should serve as a lesson to this so-called democratic society.
First, terrorism, violence and intimidation works. I called for the parade to be moved to Tel Aviv because of all the threats, the violence and the high state of alert the country is in following the Beit Hanun incident. It should have also been moved to Tel Aviv because clearly, the Haredi community will never change. They see the GLBT community as vile, dirty animals seeking the destruction of Zion. Ironically enough, these same people call for the destruction of Zion and burn the Israeli flag during Independence Day. Go figure.
Many of those who opposed the parade claimed that if it were to take place, the world will look at Israel and say: "How can they allow such an abomination to walk down the streets of the holiest city in the world for three religions?"
This is probably the most absurd argument against the parade, unless the "world" these people are talking about is comprised solely of Iran, Saudi Arabia and North Korea. The Western world, as it stands, looks at Israel and says: "These religious Jews are fucked up. How can the Israeli government, which is supposedly democratic, let these Haredi animals have their terrorist dictatorship take over the holiest city in the world for three religions?" It is those who oppose the parade that are a shame for the Israeli society, and not those who support and participate in it. A religious culture that encourages violence versus a social group that encourages tolerance – and you ask who is the bad guy.
Aside from that, I mentioned previously that the Jews were (and most probably still are) one of the most persecuted minority groups in the world. As such, how can they allow themselves to persecute other minorities?
Homophobes worldwide (and even some of the hypocrites who don’t consider themselves as such) say that they don’t care what gays and lesbians do so long as they stay in their homes (semantics for closet). But wasn’t that the case for Jews in the Middle Ages?
Jews were forced to convert to Christianity, so that the only place where they would practice their religion would be at home, in secret. Later on, laws forbade Jews to build synagogues with emblems and symbols which could offend Christians. The architecture of the synagogue had to blend in, and would not be allowed to be set apart from the surrounding buildings. Jews were also to pray quietly and were not allowed to blow the Shofar on Yom Kippur, again, for fear of offending any Christian who may hear it as he passes by the synagogue. In other words, they would say: "You can do whatever you want, as long as you keep it private, as long as I don’t hear it or see it."
When you say it to Jews, it’s anti-Semitism. When you say it to gays, it’s homophobia. Plain and simple.
The parade didn’t take place in Jerusalem. What did take place was a so-called "happening" – a gathering of members of the Jerusalem GLBT community in a closed stadium. Since being proud involves coming out and displaying your true beautiful self in all its glory, celebrating pride in a closed stadium defies the whole purpose of it, and this year’s pride was devoid of any meaning.
Considering the security situation, however, it is no wonder that such means were proven to be necessary. The lesson to be learned here is that next time, Pride should be taken as a priority for the sake of democracy, and if the religious community wants to stir the shit for the sake of fascism, they can do so in a closed stadium.
Peace, love and Pride Without Borders.

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