Gay As Blazes

Alright, I’m all for equal rights for homosexuals and was really looking forward to the Pride Parade in Jerusalem, but this is going overboard.
Hassidic idiots are rioting in the streets, threatning, burning, throwing rocks, whatever… Now with the whole Beit Hanun incident, the threats are increasing within the Palestinian population, and assuming that religious Jews and religious Muslims will unite against the "Sodomites," we can expect the explosions in the center of Jerusalem to not be fireworks.
All this rhetoric about not giving in to terrorism is bullshit. People WILL die if the parade takes place in Jerusalem. Imagine 250,000 people coming to counter a march of 5,000 people. Imagine 12,000 police officers being dispatched to Jerusalem to keep the peace when they should be on the lookout for potential suicide terrorists all over the country. People will die, and not only in the parade.
For the love of all that is damned to burn in hell for all eternity, please move the parade to Tel Aviv!
Maybe then I can actually go to it and get a few colorful shots, as opposed to shots in the head. Christ!
Peace, love and keep Love Without Borders within borders.

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