Allah Is Pissed

I was going over the site of the place where I work now – Palestinian Media Watch. They have a section of videos. I had to go over all of them to make sure they’re working properly. They’re all from Palestinian TV because that’s basically what the organization I work for studies – Palestinian media, TV, newspapers, etc.

They don’t analyze it, they don’t distort it, they just present it as it is because it clearly speaks for itself and the message is blunt and strong – Palestinian authority is brainwashing their people, and the people are buying into their shit and cause their own demise. They can obviously say the same thing about Israelis, but I doubt they’ll have anything to back it up. If Israelis teach violence to their 6-year-old children, they sure don’t broadcast it on TV.

In any case, the videos by politicians who scream “Death to Israel” to their people, and religious leaders who scream “Death to the Jews” to their worshippers don’t shock me as much anymore. We know they’re all out to get us because we:

–         Killed Muhammad

–         Are pagans

–         Killed Jesus (why they care about Jesus, I’ll never understand)

–         Faked the Holocaust

–         Stole their land and drove them out

–         Eat their children

–         Hide our horns and our tails

If you pay attention to what the bully says (yes, an Israeli just called the PALESTINIANS “the bully”) he’ll just keep it up. So I became completely desensitized to their preposterous Dark Ages claims.

What does shock me, however, is how they brainwash their children into believing these lies. Not only that, mothers willingly and enthusiastically send their children out to get killed and glorify martyrdom. There are videos of children 11, 12, 13 years old who say they wish to become shahids (die for Allah) to kill the “descendents of monkeys and pigs” (Israelis).

Mothers! It’s against the very nature of any female living creature to put her children in any kind of danger. A mother cat hissed at me when I just passed by the litter of kittens she just gave birth to. How can these Palestinian mothers actually send their young ones to war zones to throw stones at tanks and soldiers HOPING and PRAYING TO GOD their children will die and become martyrs. Why do you think so many Palestinian children are being killed, caught in crossfires and all that shit? Any idiot knows to keep his kids away from such dangerous areas, but Palestinians don’t keep them away. They send them there willingly because not only do they supposedly become shahids, but also they can have a funeral for the media and get the sympathy of the world.

And the world obviously buys into that shit. Because the world doesn’t bother to stop and ask “how can such a thing happen?” The world prefers to keep it simple, click its tongue and shake its head. Label us as the bad guys and label them the victims. They don’t understand that the true criminals here are the Pals who sacrifice their kids for Allah. The mothers kiss them, give them a rifle or a few stones and send them out to the field or to blow themselves up in the midst of an Israeli crowd killing children as young as them.

On top of that, they actually believe this whole story of the 72 virgins. When I first heard of that, I thought it was a myth, a rumor people made up to make fun of suicide terrorists. But it isn’t. They call them the 72 virgins “Dark-Eyed Maidens.” If a women becomes a shahida, she becomes one of the Maidens (regardless of whether she was a virgin on earth or not). If a man becomes a shahid, he gets to marry and shnab all his Maidens. Basically, their idea of heaven is promiscuous sex.

Fun fact: Assuming the maidens story is true, statistics show that there are a lot more Shahids than Shahidas. So basically, the martyrs will have to settle for some good old homosexual sex.

How can people be so pathetically naïve? How can they be willing to kill their children for a fairy tale heaven that has no proof of existence? It boggles the mind. Religion drives people fucking mad. I’m really starting to believe all the nihilists and atheists who say that religion is the cause of all wars.

Fairy tales! “Snow White was a Christian!” “No! She was a Muslim.” Fuck that! She’s a fictional character! Stop shitting your pants over it!

*Breath* One of the videos was broadcasted for the event of International Women’s Day and glorified mothers who encourage their sons to become martyrs. I’m sorry, dude, but that just goes way overboard. These mothers are a vile, disgusting example for any self-respecting woman. No amount of belief in a god, no amount of desperation and no amount of hate could make any woman with any degree of humanity willingly send her kids out to get killed. If men around the world see these videos, they would say: “We were right when we initiated the witch hunts! Women are evil!” They make me ashamed to be a woman, and I rarely does anyone have the power to do that.

Hamas actually listed one of the mothers of a shahid as one of its candidates for election. It should give you an idea of the kind of Palestinian “politicians” Israel has to put up with. And here is the video of it followed by an interview with the woman and excerpts from the video of her parting from her son before he went out to carry out a suicide attack that killed 5 teens (in Arabic with English subtitles):

For more such nutcase videos, go here:

Peace, love and “Oh, I’m sorry, we’re fresh out of Maidens. But we just got 72 fat, hairy, burly, sweaty, bearded Shahids with diapers on their heads shipped here yesterday.”


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