Keep it Coming

I cooked some food and since my TV doesn’t work, I was sitting there in my matchbox apartment eating while staring into blank space with my thoughts running wild. I figured something out. I figured out why this world has so many problems and why our life can be so shitty sometimes.
I say, if our lives were perfect, if this world was perfect, what’s the point of living? Solving a problem, finding the ultimate solution means it’s the end. It’s over, there’s nothing worth living for. Complaints and pessimism keeps us alive because somehow, whether consciously or not, we strive to improve our lives and this world. We never completely achieve that. Actually, while improving one thing, we ultimately destroy another.
For example, when we clean our house, we use water. Water sources become scarce and our house becomes clean. We also take out the garbage. The environment suffers because of our trash and our shit, and our house becomes clean.
There is always something that needs to be done. Even jobs. I work for Palestinian Media Watch and it’s rather interesting to see that even our job may be self-destructive someday. We strive for peace between Israelis and Palestinians by exposing the things that need to be improved in the Palestinian media, society, politics and education. If we achieve our goal, and if there will be peace between Israelis and Palestinians, what’s the need for the organization? PMW will simply cease to exist.
So that’s why we exist. Problems keep us alive just like the Israeli-Palestinian conflict keeps PMW running. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict currently pays my rent and my bills. It’s aweful, but it’s reality. If the lives of people in Africa would improve, Sally Struthers and her counterparts would all have to retire. So Sally Struthers bills are being paid at the expense of poor, starving, dying children in Africa. The same goes for cops, politicians, lawyers, doctors, scientists, journalists, death metal bands… If all the problems in this world were solved, they’d all be out on their ass.
The world is not improving. Our lives are not improving. The only change being made is that there are different problems to deal with – problems that were caused by a solution to a previous problem, or problems that will yield solutions which will cause future problems.
This is what I was contemplating the other day while having my chicken-mushroom soup. I had a revelation and now I know the point of life – stirring the shit to keep the world turning. Pure genius! 

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