Stolen Word

I just found out I’m not the only feminist in my family. One of my cousins is a young budding feminist, with a great potential of beating the living shit out of any guy who dares to think too highly of himself.
Another one of my cousins came out with a declaration that was simply so insignificant that I didn’t know whether I should be crying my eyes out or pissing my pants laughing so hard. I was wearing my Rosie the Riveter T-shirt, and he didn’t know what it represented so I told him it’s from the feminist movement. Then he said that if a guy wears it, it would be gay. So I told him that there are a handful of guys out there who are in fact feminists, and they’re not necessarily gay. So he says: "I’m not a feminist, I’m an equalist."
What he meant in fact was the kind of misconception that all closeted chauvinists harbor; feminism is a movement that is meant to make women have a higher status than men. So instead of using the word "feminism," you should use the word "equalism."
In other words, the same would go for the civil rights movement for African Americans and homosexuals and any other movement that spreads awareness and fights for equal rights for any other minority.
What ignoramuses like my cousin fail to understand is that feminism was created for the sake of women and their status in society. If the movement were called equalism, it would fail in its primary goal which is to spread awareness about the deplorable status of women where there is a serious need to make a significant difference. "Equalism" silences the statement that the word "feminism" makes in and of itself. Feminism strives for the equality of the sexes by struggling to make women AS IMPORTANT as men. If feminists used the word "equalism" they would sound like cowards, hiding behind the vaguest term on the face of the earth. By using the word feminism, the emphasis put on the "feminin" aspect of the word, the movement succeeded in bluntly expressing the need for change in the status of WOMEN.
Equalism suppresses the voice of women in the movement. It is possible to assume that if the movement were called equalism it would have attracted more men – those same men who strive to keep the voices of women suppressed, as well as their status and salaries.
So my smart sisters of the FEMINIST movement decided to roll up their sleeves and founded the FEMINIST movement and called it by its name – FEMINISM.
So all you "equalists" out there, keep hiding behind your masks of fake tolerance because you know you would be too ashamed to show your true faces anyway. Feminism will prevail.
Peace, love and you tell’em Rosie! 

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