Happy 5767

I need to seek professional help. I finally proved to myself that I have a serious psychological problem in relation to cockroaches. If I don’t do something about this phobia soon, the next cockroach I see will be my last.
Anyway, I don’t feel like going into details.
Now for my new year’s resolutions (Shana tova, btw):
1) Seek professional help
2) Quit being lazy
3) Start being a little more patient in general
4) Start investing a little more money and time to learn how to cook
5) Quit being spoiled
6) Use my feminism constructively and not destructively
7) Read more books and less newspapers
8) Get internet
9) Get more exercise
10) Get a license for a scooter
If I can accomplish all this within the span of a year (which will be a miracle to put it mildly) I’ll be the most self satisfied person ever.
Peace, love, and tomorrow back in J-rizzy!

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